Assignment Aim

The assignment is designed to test your understanding of corporate finance

concepts and principles. It explores various knowledge areas to the financial

evaluation of the prospects for a company listed on a major stock exchange.

You need to make your assessment of the company’s prospects as reliable

and credible as possible by clearly stating and justifying your assumptions

and grounding your analysis on accepted corporate finance theories and

concepts. Always remember that this is not a strategy or marketing

assignment, so focus mainly but not exclusively on the finance.

You will need to submit an essay-style report, with a maximum word count

(excluding tables, figures, references, appendices, etc) of 3000 words. In

your submission, you must also submit the supporting Excel (.xlsx) file

showing your calculations as a separate file.

Any numbers used should be rounded to a sensible level such as 1dp

References approx. 25 compromising of journals, books and reliable websites