• Read the following sections of chapter 4 of the textbook when asked to do so in the lecture notes:

o Family and Gender Socialization (p. 66-70), Group Affiliation and Identity Formation (p. 76-81) and Cultural-Ethnic Identity Typological Model (p. 82) file

Please note that by me giving you only a few pages that you need to truly and deeply know and understand, I will not be re-covering them in this lecture, I expect you to ask any questions you have about the material, and I will expect you to be able to identify, apply and give examples for this material I assign.

• Read and watch video lecture note week 3 file

Week 3 discussion question file

After you have read and watched all the course material for this week, I want you to reflect on what stood out most to you and what you still may have questions about. Then I want you to write a three paragraph post that I am going to call “Two Points and a Question” – we will have a couple more of these types of discussions throughout the semester.

For paragraphs 1 & 2, choose the 2 specific pieces of class material (1 for each paragraph) that stood out most to you and:

• explain the material. It may be a short quotation from the book or lecture notes, it could be a whole concept, it could be a specific video. I want you to demonstrate your understanding of it.

• then explain why you chose each of those 2 specific pieces of class material. It may be because it was interesting, relatable, you disagreed with it, it was insightful, brand new information, etc. Your goal is to be specific and elaborate on why you chose it.

For paragraph 3, post one question that you have after reading this week’s material.

• It may be a clarifying question about a concept you didn’t quite understand, a question you now have that relates to this week’s material, etc.

• Make sure to explain why you don’t understand it or why you have the question you have. The goal here is to show me deeper critical thinking. Show me you have thought about this beyond just reading it and taking it at face-value.