You are a member of the People Practice team for a company, BMC that has recently purchased a

large contemporary city centre licenced food premises in Manchester adding to its growing portfolio of

acquisitions in Leeds, London, Nottingham and Glasgow. You have been asked to assist in preparing

the managers for their forthcoming Strategic Management Planning meeting onimplementing the new

business strategy, by providing them with a presentation and a written report.

Currently the company operates a strict centralised policy to all its premises but during the COVID19 lockdown the CEO considers that the previous business strategy needs addressing and is open

to new ideas and approaches to improve the business once trading resumes.

The CEO of BMC is also fully aware that the focus of the business has all too often neglected the

people side of the business and is conscious that BMC has a legacy of high staff turnover and low

employee satisfaction. Previously, response to this has not been high on the company’s agenda

and the CEO is keen for the management team to appreciate the connections between

organisational structure, strategy and the wider business environment and gain an understanding

of organisational culture, behaviour and how people practices support the achievement of business

goals and objectives.