o An abstract of up to 300 words that summarizes the purpose and findings of your project.

o A Table of Contents that identifies the page number on which each chapter begins.

o An Introduction chapter in which you state very clearly your reasons for doing this project and what you are going to do.

o One or two chapters that review the literature. In these chapters, you describe work that has been done before in this particular area. Most of your reference citations will likely be included in these sections. Cite your references using APA or IEEE format.

o One or more chapters that describe your contributions to the areas explored by this project. Each chapter should focus on a theme that is important to your project’s overall goals. If your project aims to solve a particular problem or implement a particular system, you must describe your methodology, trials, and findings. If your project aims to research a particular topic or topics to a much greater depth than what you explored in your coursework, use these chapters to develop rigorous new insights from the literature you have reviewed. These new insights must follow logically from the works you have researched.

o A final chapter that summarizes the findings you presented in the previous chapter and outlines avenues for possible future development of this work.

o Your list of references, expressed in APA or IEEE format, presented in the order in which they were cited in the preceding chapters.