In this assignment the student is asked to: discuss the significant health issues that prison officers may face in their role. While reflecting how your own behaviour relates to this issue, you should discuss how you will maintain and promote your overall health and wellbeing while working in the prison services.


• The student should draw on material covered in this Contemporary Health module and additional reading done to complete this writing and discuss their current/prospective behaviours in the context of general, physical and/or mental health and wellbeing maintenance.

• The student should outline specific physical and/or mental health issues/disorders which disproportionately occur among prison officers because of their profession.

• The student should discuss the specific risk factors for the physical and/or mental health issues that occur within a prison setting.

• The student should reflect on how they may be exposed to these risk factors in their daily working routine.

• The students should specifically reflect on environmental or cultural risk factors that may impact on their health in their answer.

• The student should outline any behaviours or practices which they feel may help prevent them encountering specific health issues that they endeavour to implement in the future.

• The student should reflect on their working environment and outline preventative or treatment resources available within their own prison.

• Students should support their writing with relevant and recent literature. You may use research articles, books and reports into custodial care and prison officers’ health (both national and international research).

• A reference list should be included at the end of the writing (Minimum of one reference).