In 150–225 words (2–3 paragraphs), explain the terms felony and misdemeanor. Specifically:

Describe elements of felonies and misdemeanors.

Provide at least three examples of each of these types of crimes.

Identify punishments typically associated with felonies versus misdemeanors.

For this prompt, be sure to reference at least one scholarly source to support your answer.

Jason Chapman stole a vehicle from Colette Dewhurst’s driveway. While he was driving the car down the road at an excessive rate of speed, Chapman ran into Raymond Miller’s store window and caused extensive damage. In 300–375 words (4–5 paragraphs), address the following questions:

Can Dewhurst and Miller bring a civil action against Jason Chapman?

Can the state take action against Jason Chapman?

What functions does the law serve in this case?

For this prompt, be sure to reference at least two scholarly sources to support your answer.

Note: Be sure to reference the number of scholarly sources indicated to support your work. Use the Walden Undergraduate Paper Template, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, to complete this Assignment.