Activity 1 – The Context of Professional Development (3.1)

Explain the following;

 How the role of a people professional is changing?

 What impact are these changes having on our CPD?

 What are the key characteristics of a good-practice CPD?

Activity 2 – Self Assessment

The first stage of your CPD should be to understand where you’ve come from, where you are and

where you want to be.

 Using the Standards from the CIPD Professional Map, carry out a self-assessment of your

competency against the Ethical Practice Core Behaviours. You should only be focusing on

the Associate Level descriptors.

 From this Self-assessment, plus other forms of feedback identify your strengths and

weaknesses setting personal development objectives to be included within a Professional

Development Plan (3.2).

 You now need to consider how you can meet these development objectives, to complete

your PDP. Consider the range of learning opportunities available to you and for each

development objectives decide on the most appropriate initiative to support your learning

journey. We would encourage you to submit this assessment criteria as a draft so you

ensure you are on the right track with your objectives (3.3).

Activity 3 – Reflective Practice

A key element of our PD is reflecting on our everyday experiences to learn from these, capturing

what went well or not so well and how we can learn from such situations.

Your reflections should focus on the following scenarios.

 Identify at least two examples when you have taken responsibility for your work/actions,

paying particular attention to recognising any mistakes you might have made, how you

rectified these mistakes and what you believe you learnt from these experiences. (1.4).

 Identify at least two examples that highlight your approach to working inclusively, plus how

you have built positive working relationships with others. Your reflections need to focus on

what you did, and the skills and behaviours demonstrated. (2.4)Level 5 Associate Diploma


Your evidence must consist of:

 A CPD portfolio including a Personal Development plan and record of your learning.

(1,000 words).

Activity 4 – Assessing the Impact of your Learning and CPD.

The final part of our CPD is to measure the overall impact of our learning. To achieve this, you need

to think about and capture the impacts, covering positive as well as negative. What was the impact

on you, your team, your colleagues, your customers, your stakeholders, the organisation or your

department? To support this assessment, you will need to complete a record of your learning for the

last 12 months. (3.4)