Part 1: Term Paper Proposal: (15 marks)

Submit between a 1-to-3-page proposal to your Open Learning Faculty Member regarding what you intend to do in the term paper. Clearly state your objective, the topic you want to focus on or the company you wish to study, and what level of access you have to the information.

Part 2: Term Paper Research Report: (85 marks)

Assignment Requirements

• The paper length should be between 4000 to 6000 words, not including the table of contents, appendix, tables, list of references, etc.

• The paper should be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font and double spaced.

• The work from other courses cannot be used to get credit in this course.

• You should cite at least fifteen references in APA format. These reference sources could be websites, journal articles, books, personal interviews, industry reports, etc (a sample is given below on how to write the references). Website references cannot be more than half of all the references. You may consult the material from references, but the report must be written in your own words. A collection of paragraphs and sentences copied and pasted from literature sources onto your report is not acceptable and will constitute plagiarism. Your Open Learning Faculty Member frequently uses plagiarism software and search engines when assessing student papers.