Discussion: Compare Project Study to Dissertation

Consider how a researcher decides to investigate a problem in the field of education. As a researcher, one of your first decisions will be to decide whether to do a project study or a dissertation. For this Discussion, you will compare these two options.

Note: For the EdD, you have the option to write either a project study or a dissertation. The term “doctoral study” is the generic term for the EdD capstone, so it applies to both the project study and dissertation.

To Prepare

• Review the Learning Resources.

• Review the checklists for a project study and dissertation in your Learning Resources.

• Review the checklists, and consider the purpose of each. Explain how the project study and dissertation are similar and how they differ.

To Complete

For this Discussion:

• Use the checklists to identify and describe two of the differences between the project study and dissertation.

• Explain how these differences result in different types of studies.

• Describe why you might select each one.

For this, and for all work in this course, use APA form and scholarly tone to support your position.