Only your top ten assignment scores will count towards your overall assignment grade. Chapter assignments

will be graded based on several factors. Although content will vary by assignment, responses will be evaluated

based on overall quality (i.e., relevance to course material as well as accuracy and thoroughness of response),

sophistication of writing style (i.e., correct spelling and grammar), and incorporation of the text and PPT slides

within responses. It is important to specifically address what the prompt is asking, and to reach out to me with

regard to any clarification you may need pertaining to a given prompt that is assigned. These assignments

should be a minimum of 1 page (not including heading) with standard formatting in length (12-point Times

New Roman, double-spaced with 1-inch margins) and should be uploaded in PDF format. Uploading in PDF

format allows me to grade them considerably faster and therefore give you feedback at an expedited rate.

Points may be deducted for assignments uploaded in any other format beyond PDF, so please be certain to

upload your assignments appropriately. These assignments are worth a total of 300 points (30 points per

assignment). Please avoid MLA headings and formatting, as this will result in docked points. APA is preferred

for this course but not strictly required. However, both in-text and complete references at the end of the

assignment are expected on each assignment.