You are the General Manager for a small local engineering company that provides innovative solutions for construction projects that require custom structures and products for the demanding needs of your clients. Your business development team is autonomous in seeking and selecting the most profitable projects and your company has steadily increased its revenues since initiating operations 10 years ago.  Last year your company was acquired by a large corporation with headquarters in Houston Texas. The new administration has developed rules and policies that are different from ways your company used to do business with local clients, adding quite a bit of “red tape” as to how projects need to be designed and approved. Shawn, one of your business development most highly motivated and prolific team-member, feels his creativity, innovation and contribution to projects is being constraint and now he feels uncomfortable and frustrated working in this new environment. He has had recurring issues with the corporate CFO as they consider Shawn’s expenses on activities such as Team’s outings, golf and outdoor adventures are excessive and not in-line with corporate policy.  Therefore, Shawn decided not only to leave but he started up his own Firm. Shawns’ new company is growing expone