Find 9 Sports psychology articles with and then explain and write 2 pages explaining why you chose these 9 articles.

Conduct an Internet search in order to locate and review articles (i.e., no videos) associated with personal topics of interest concerning Sport Psychology.

Create an MS Word formatted document file (i.e., docx. or doc.) which includes at least nine (9) articles. Identify each article’s title as well as the article’s web address (or web link). Present this information in American Psychological Association (APA) format (i.e., see APA information presented below).

Within the same MS Word document, compose a 1-2 paragraph summary (i.e., analysis) describing some of the publications reviewed to complete this alternative assignment. Explain why you selected these articles and how this information will benefit you during your career pursuit(s). Within written summary, identify some articles’ titles or author’s/authors’ names of these publications presented in your MS Word document in order to support statements discussed.