7101NRS Trimester 2 2021 Assessment item 2

Written Assignment: Self Development Plan 1500 words

The aim of this task is to enable students to identify and build on current leadership strengths and plan for improvements in leading and transforming care or change management through development of their own skills. This assignment requires students to construct a self-development plan for leadership skills that will support them to lead change which is an essential skill contemporary workplaces.

This assignment addresses Course Learning Outcome 2.

• Analyse your personal leadership style and preferences and identify potential for

development and growth.

Task Description:

In Assessment 1 you identified the important principles of good leadership that can impact on consumers and stakeholders within different environments. In Assessment 2 you will consider your leadership style in relation to these principles and identify your strengths and areas for improvement (using the SOAR framework presented in Module 2) and create a self-development plan. For this task students are required to write a structured essay, following the steps outlined below:

1. Undertake a self-assessment using the SOAR framework outlined in the Griffith University Career Planning page ( graduates/career-planning)

2. Briefly present a short professional biography of yourself (no more than 200 words), and your self-assessment and leadership style based on this self-assessment.

3. Create a self-development plan according to your assessment that is focused on transformative leadership skills that you would need to possess to be able to support care transformation or change management practices in your discipline area. Your plan should include specific

strategies and action planning to achieve those skills relevant to you, and your discipline area.

The results you aim to achieve should be achievable and measurable.

4. Where you are using strategies that are discussed in the literature, support these with evidence

as appropriate.