Unit 2

Think of a time when a company had to deliver bad news to you. It could be an order that was delayed or not fulfilled, a security breach that put your password or account information at risk, etc. Describe how the situation was handled. Which part of the communication you received made it effective or ineffective? Would you change anything about that way you were informed?

Unit 3

Place yourself in the position of an human resources recruiter.Scenario: You work for Paradise Health Systems of Southern Florida and will be recruiting at the Broward County Job Fair for highly sought after Geriatric Nurses. The job fair has already established the hashtag #BrowardWorks. You have not used social media for recruitment before now, so you will need to develop a hashtag of your own. If you are not familiar with Twitter, review the Good copy, Bad copy: Tips for writing effective Tweets reading in this unit.

Post (on our discussion board – not on Twitter!) your tweet for this health fair. Your goal is to let qualified nurses know that you will be recruiting at the job fair.

Unit 4

Start researching for your Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper. Pick two quotes from your sources. Paste those original quotes and then write paraphrased versions of that information in your post.

Make sure you include proper APA 7 in-text citations and references with your paraphrased information.

Unit 5

While this course is focused on writing, and this module is focused on research writing in particular. For this discussion we are going to talk about quick and easy research that should be happening quite often in our lives.