In this assignment students need to demonstrate that they have met learning outcomes 3, 4, 5 and 6 which requires:

– Critical evaluation of the legislative, policy and procedural frameworks for children and families social work – is it possible for them to achieve what they set out to achieve?

– Critical analysis of the complexities involved in assessing risk and the ethical dilemmas involved in decision making.

– Consideration of how the wider social, political and economic climate impacts on social work practice with children and families.

– Critical engagement with the concept of anti-oppressive practice in children and families social work practice.

– Consideration of the extent to which current social work practice with children and families concerns itself with the core social work value of social justice.

– Critical analysis of the research evidence regarding children and young people’s experiences of social care involvement and those of their families and of the evidence concerning impact and outcomes.

– Comparative analysis of the English system for supporting and safeguarding children and young people with those in other countries (one or more).

Taught content over the first term will cover material required for completing this essay and I will make explicit how content relates to the learning outcomes you are required to demonstrate. Reading to support your learning is identified in the resource list but you will also need to be pro-active in identifying and gathering relevant research evidence to support your discussion. This is something you should be starting to pursue as early as possible.