This is a Reflection writing. APA format, 2 pages. Answer all 3 topics. I have uploaded pdf file that can use as a reference. As well can use these video links too.

Reflections are meant to help place what you’ve learned into context and to demonstrate your acquisition and apprehension of the course materials. Reflections are also meant for personal growth and development; they’re meant to show you were you’ve been and how far you’ve come along. Reflections can include topics that have been discussed in class, issues students have faced themselves in the workplace, things students have read about in the news, it’s basically open.

Be sure to use examples from your work life to help support your ideas and show me where you are at this moment in time.

Reflection Topics:

• What is your definition of good leadership and how has it evolved?

• What is your philosophy of work and how has it evolved?

• What do you believe motivates employees and why? Has this evolved?

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