reflective account around an experience in relation to this you have dealt with within your work role

remember to tell me what you did and why you did it, linking your practice to work place policy and SSSC codes of practice relevant as well and health and social care standards.

i work as interrupter for Refugee with council

[28] Work with the child to maximise their active participation in the updating and maintenance of records and reports, in keeping with their abilities and preferences and within legal and work setting requirements

[30] Seek permission from appropriate people to access records and reports

[31] Access records and reports needed to inform your work

[33] Complete records and reports to inform others of your work with the child, in accordance with legal and work setting procedures and requirements

[35] Complete records and reports about any decisions made and actions taken regarding the care and support needs of the child

[37] Seek support to address any difficulties you have in accessing and updating records and reports

i know its not related to my job roll at all , but can we make something make me involve