Discussion Assignment Instructions

the Marketing Mix and Product

Following your review of the articles below on the Marketing Mix and Product, share a synopsis of the product strategy and branding concepts discussed. Read each of these articles and write a synopsis of your reading. Keep the overarching theme, “Product Strategy and Branding,” in mind. Use subject headers that include the name of each of the articles below that you are covering – for example – Article # 1 – The Elements of Value and provide your key learnings. Then the final and fourth subject header should be Conclusion. Wrap-up final thoughts here over the articles…which did you enjoy the most. Cite the new Journal article here as well. 

1. Constantinides, E. (2006) The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management. 

2. Almquist, E.; Senior, J.; & Bloch, N. (2016).  The elements of value. Harvard Business Review, 94(9), 46-53.

3. Bergh, C.  (2018).  The CEO of Levi Strauss on leading an iconic brand back to growth. Harvard Business Review, 96(4), 33-39.