Section 1: Describe the disease and a broad overview of the pathophysiology of the disease process.

Section 2: Describe the mechanism of action(s) of the medication, using scientific and professional terms, as if explaining to a peer. Include a basic 1-2 sentence overview of the pathophysiology of the disease process and then spend more time covering the pathophysiology of where the medication will alter.

Section 3: Discuss in detail how the medication alters the pathophysiology of the disease process, using terms as if explaining it to a peer.

Section 4: Use scientific and professional terms in this section. Locate one peer-reviewed journal article where the chosen medication was used to treat the chosen disease. Discuss the population, interventions, and results.

Conclusion: one paragraph reviewing the content of your portfolio paper with paraphrased thesis statement.

Appendix: Describe how you would explain to a patient how the medication will treat the disease, using simple terms. terminology simple enough for them to easily understand.