I require the results of the following questionnaires and interviews to be analysed- the lead research questions should include staff perception in the application of restorative approaches, how does the existing school culture have an influence on the restorative approaches, how do staff rebuild relationships, if at all, how are pupils engaging with the restorative processes and how has the involvement of outside agencies to train staff improved the application of restorative practices within the setting.

The analysis should be broken into the following key areas or dominant themes as to what staff in school X maybe outlining what are the successes and failures of restorative practice in their school environment. Also if reference could be made to COVID and how that may have hampered how restorative practice is exercised in school.

I have included a zip folder with survey results as well as the questionnaires. 44 teaching staff completed it with 11 non-teaching staff. 4 teaching staff completed an interview, and 4 non-teaching staff completed an interview who were specifically trained to carry out RP throughout the school.