This task assesses your ability to interpret student assessment data and use it to inform your teaching.

I have attached three Guttman chart analysis files so that you get an idea how this paper is going to look like. Please make a Guttman chart using the Raw Data from the Raw Data profile and analyze it. Please use dichotomous format (1 and 0) as I tried myself but I do not know how to make them into 1s and 0s. The Raw data was given by the instructor.

You will be assessed on your ability to check that your Guttman chart is formatted correctly. Guttman chart has been assigned a 750 word equivalence. I have also attached the rubric to put into the Guttman chart and the rubric that this paper is going to be assessed on in the task file. Please meet all the criteria and please let me know if you have any questions as I am happy to clarify them. Thank you.

1. Checks Guttman chart uses dichotomous format

2. Checks Guttman chart has students sorted

3. Checks Guttman chart has items sorted

You will also use your Guttman chart to review the quality of the assessment task and its implementation.

4. Reviews the suitability of items (quality criteria) based on their performance

5. Reviews the suitability of this task to determine the ZPD of all students

6. Discusses the impact of ‘noise’ on the data

You will then use your Guttman analysis to review the hypothetical pairwise comparison (provided in Appendix 1). We will judge your proficiency to explore the hypothetical pairwise comparison and the order of difficulty in your Guttman chart.

7. Reviews the relative difficulty of the assessment items from the pairwise comparison and the Guttman chart.

Next you will make judgements about student performance. This will be assessed via your Guttman chart (mark in your ZPD groupings) and your written discussion.

8. Reviews the extent to which the Guttman chart for this assessment can be used to determine the ZPDs of individual students.

9. Identifies ZPD groupings where possible

Finally, we want you to identify learning goals/learning intentions for one ZPD group.

10. Identifies a learning goal for a ZPD group

Please organise your submission under the following headings:

1. Guttman chart

1. Chart showing: dichotomous format; students and items sorted; and potential ZPD groupings

2. Assessment task review

1. Suitability of items

2. Suitability of task

3. Impact of noise

3. Pairwise review

1. Relative difficulty review

4. Student performance review

1. Ability of the Guttman chart to determine ZPD for individual students

5. Learning goal (word limit = 100 words)

This assessment task in total has been assigned 2200 words. The work undertaken to produce a Guttman chart has been assigned a 750 word equivalence (tutors will not count words for this section). The written responses must be no more than 1450 words. Written responses are subject to the word limit policy.