Hello writer,

The work is a continuation to a previous assessment where a ppt was done on the Digital Marketing Strategy of the Brand Bondi Sands.

Now for this paper the requirements:Is to do develop a Written Digital Marketing Strategy Pitch Deck in response to the identified challenge(s) and target audience from previous Assessment (I will add it in additional documents).

The Digital Strategy will start with the foundational information from previous work.

Using the marketing side of the business model, you should create customer personas, customer empathy maps, and customer journey maps prior to expanding on their fully built out Digital Marketing Strategy using digital and social media channels and tactics that are relevant to the selected company. An execution plan summarising timings and budget need to also be included.

The project culminates in a final strategy pitch deck (as if this is being presented to the client) in which you will formulate an entire digital marketing strategy for achieving the stated business goals. Include consideration of the approach to legal, ethical and social responsibility issues as well as a reflection on what the future holds for communication and future trends in technology.

The deck should be visually appealing, include research, charts, statistics and copy.

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