Case Requirements

Effectively communicate the results of your analysis, evaluation, and recommendations in the form of a professional written document. The written document should be divided into two parts. In the first part of the presentation, are asked to analyse and write the current performance measurement system of the company. In the second part of the work, students are asked to develop and present a balanced scorecard for the company.

For the first part should:

1. Write the background of the case study (identify the most important facts surrounding the case).

2. Discuss whether all four balanced scorecard perspectives are adequately represented in the company’s current performance measurement and how the company would benefit from the implementation of a balanced scorecard framework.

For the second part should:

3. Succinctly articulate Comfy Company’s vision, mission statement, and strategy. That is, describe what you believe to be Comfy Company’s key values and/or strategic objectives and explain why each value/objective would be considered appropriate for the company.

4. Consider the four balanced scorecard perspectives and explain how each perspective relates to or supports the company’s vision and strategy.

5. Translate the company’s overall vision and strategy into one specific critical success factors (CSFs) for each of the balanced scorecard perspectives.

The work must be based on a minimum of 6 peer reviewed scholarly references.

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