Rapid growth in technology and communications has made the international dimension a

significant part of the external environment in which organisations operate.

Business is becoming a unified global field as trade barriers fall, communication becomes

faster and cheaper, and consumer tastes in many products and services converge.

Organisations that think globally have a competitive edge. Numerous organisations expand

overseas because of saturated domestic markets. Borderless world is a concept of

globalization where the goods, services, technology, information and capital flow through the

borders from one nation to another. Operating a business in this context is a challenging task.

For your report, you are to choose an Australian based Multi-National Corporation and answer

the following questions.

1. Describe the characteristics of your chosen multinational corporation and

explain the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ concept.

2. Define international management and explain how it differs from the

management of domestic business operations.

3. Discus how dissimilarities in the economic, legal–political and sociocultural

environments t

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