Please answer these questions

at least 3 paragraphs long

at least 8 substantial sentences

AT LEAST ONE empty, blank line between the three (or more) paragraphs.

essay MUST contain DETAILED discussion, analysis and response to the reading in question. This means that I need to see at least two actual citations (more are even better) from the article – with page numbers from each citation (not from the same page).

William Pollack, Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood

What does Pollock mean by “the boy code?”

Why does he call it “a gender straitjacket”?

What does he say about the role of shaming?

About anger as the okay emotion?

What are Pollack’s views on how mother-son separation is typically understood in American culture?

How does his anecdote about Johnny, the 5 year old who vomits into a wastebasket, relate to attachment theory?

What lessons can we learn from it and the other mini-case studies the author relates?

Thank You.

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