Analyze the the data collected in the interview process.


1. Summarize the interview response by comparing and contrasting the similarities/differences in the two teachers response.

2. What are the implications of the various teachers levels of development.

3. How does this information impact your role as a supervisor, mentor and/or coach?

2. Type a 1 1/2 to 2 page response in a word or google document. This assignment must be in typed and in APA Format. You will need to make sure the following elements are included:


1. Title Page (APA Formatted)

2. Introduction Paragraph (Which introduces the reader/instructor to the topic being discussed in the paper)

3. Body of the paper (Summarize the interview by comparing/contrasting the similarities/differences and then address the implications with a minimum of two (2) in text citations from the readings or outside source) are required.

4. Conclusion Paragraph (Which sum up what was discussed in the paper)

5. Reference Page (All references/sources used)

6. Appendix (The interview questions

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