The study will comprise a comparative appraisal of the financial position, performance, cash flows, and valuation of two companies in the same sector. The appraisal includes a SWOT analysis for each of the two companies. The principal sources used will be the published Annual Reports of the two companies and will include horizontal and vertical analysis, trend analysis and ratio analysis, with reference also to market forecasts and corporate valuation. It must be a multi-year comparative study. It must include a financial analysis of the TWO companies. It must include a SWOT analysis of the TWO companies. It must include a financial valuation of the PRIMARY company. You do NOT complete an ethical review. The report should be 8,500 words. The Abstract, Reference list and Appendices are not included in the word count. Everything else is included. Your report must NOT include any statistical analysis or testing, NOR any hypotheses. You must develop relevant research questions. I chose Marks & Spencer and NEXT.

I have included the draft that I have done and which I need the work on it. the example is to follow the work, in example 1 I highlighted the ratios and valuation which should include the work.

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