Please read the instructions below very carefully. I will do my best to clarify the existing situation and what I kindly expect from the rewriting service:

Basically, I have written a thesis on the topic mentioned in my order but according to my university it is not adequate and not enough as a master thesis for me to defend. I have also attached some of my supervisor’s notes. In addition, I have also attached a file supervisor sent me which I need to follow for rewriting (since the file he sent is for dissertation, but we all know that dissertation and master paper structures are quite the same or at least very similar, so the writer should not have any problems understanding what the supervisor meant). So:

1. The work should be cut down. The work contains too much general information. The work should not exceed 65-70 pages, (75-80 max). Number of sources is 30, but can be cut down since the thesis will be 65 pages max. So, I have indicated 20 as number of sources but it doesn’t really matter if it is more or less than 20, what matters is the quality of the work.

2. The work should not be linked to a specific country (for example “banking system” rather than “UK banking system”). Of course, examples and statistics from different countries or the world in general is absolutely fine in the introductory and explanatory parts.

3. I expect the writer to drop the sense of the “generalisation” in the work which is one of the main current problems.

4. I was told that the work is not structured and the chapters are not linked/relevant to the contribution of thesis and that they mainly contain public and general information (basically there is no flow from the start to the end). It is important to build up all the way towards the final contribution chapter. So that all the previous chapters prepare the reader for the contribution. The paper is too general, so specialisation is required

5. To do this, writer is free to change the chapters, drop some, add some, change or add diagrams, lines of code etc and rewrite the table of contents according to the contribution part and according to what the writer will write (structure of the paper is one of the main problems)

6. Please check the contribution and see if there is anything is required to make it stronger and clear for the reader to see what the contribution is about. As the supervisor said, it is hard to see what the real contribution is. There is too much general information against very little contribution part. (relevant research, analysis, results, comparisons etc for ex chapter 5 in the paper)

7. please, do contact to me if I am required.

8. I kindly ask for sending me the work part by part every 2-3 days during this period, so that I share it with the supervisor in case anything needs to be done or changed, so that we do it on time.

9. Think of it as writing a new paper from scratch, BUT sticking to the TOPIC and perhaps to the CONTRIBUTION direction/aspect of the paper.

Finally, please do keep in touch with me if anything is required or in case I have not managed to fully explain what is expected.

Just to get some additional insight about what is wrong with the paper, Below I am attaching some of supervisor’s feedback: Some of Supervisor’s feedbacks:

-“Actually, you write just a public information about your topic while you should have a theoretical analysis or practical research about your topic by considering the attached file structure.”

-“Your work is not enough as a master thesis and you should work and invest more time. this is just as a basic introduction while you have to do any practical to research about your topic.”

-“By the way, as I told you, the main problem is the content and structure of your document. you have to improve your document send us.”

I don’t expect a simply cut down version of the paper. but some proper work