In your discussion:

1. Discuss five (5) of the favorite brands that are part of your everyday life, and how and why they became part of it

(Five Brands: Nike (sneakers & apparel), Total Gym FIT (home fitness equipment because I love working out, athletic), Optimum Nutrition (whey protein powder drink mix – used to help me stay fit between meals and replenish nutrietns), Netflix because I love watching good shows, H&M clothing (very fashionable style – city style)

2. What is your overall perception toward these brands?

3. Take a moment to think like a marketer from one of the five brands you just discussed: who is their target market, and what promotional strategy(ies) do they implement to win over their customers? Did it work on you?

Minimum of two (2) references required to answer #3, but no APA required

200-250 words

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