write a 3-4 page reflection paper,

excluding the title and reference pages. The reflection paper is to include a

minimum of 3 references and written using APA format. A 5% deduction will be

imposed for papers longer than 4 pages excluding the title and reference pages

and/or exceeding the paragraph notations. Late assignments will incur a 10%

deduction per day; after 3 days the assignment will not be accepted. This

assignment is worth 100 points and is 5% of the final grade.

The following required criteria should be explored in the reflection paper.

• Introduction, include an overview of the paper and purpose statement. (1


• Differentiate between public health and community health. (1 paragraph


• Evaluate two changes that have occurred in the United States during the

past century that have influenced population health. (2 paragraphs max)

• Appraise a minimum of two ethical implications impacting public health;

Include a minimum of two ethical principles (autonomy, nonmaleficence,

beneficence, and justice). (2 paragraphs max)

• Identify one nurse who was influential to the advancement of community

health nursing; appraise the accomplishments of the person and the

impacts to public/community health nursing. (2 paragraphs max)

• Conclusion, summary of the paper and highlights learned. (1 paragraph