This assignment will engage you in an exploration, virtual community and early childhood learning environments. You will engage in an investigation of the relationship between the physical environment and children’s learning and, a reflection of environments that have been designed especially for children. You will explore and reflect on the significance of space and place and the elements that create inclusive, varied and engaging learning spaces for children.


Below is a list of FIVE setting types for the assignment task – Reflection of site visits. virtually undertake an exploration virtual site tours of settings. In total, you MUST have completed FIVE explorations of environments, in which children can play and learn.

The environments that you explore MUST include the following types of settings – one of each setting type will be five site reflections in total:

1 x early childhood education and care (if you work at an ELC you are permitted to conduct your site visit at your workplace – please see below permission requirements)

1 x community facility – e.g. Library or museums

1 x Shopping centre play space or other commercial play spaces: e.g. Westfield, McDonalds, Office complexes.

1 x outdoor play spaces: e.g. small park and larger regional play spaces

1 x natural or wild spaces: e.g. national parks, forests, gardens – not specifically designed for play but where children can engage in unstructured, self-initiated play. Choose a small section of this environment to reflect on – not the national park or forest.

The site visit exploration process requires you to conduct an observational analysis of each site, this will involve identifying and documenting the physical environment characteristics, and play and learning affordances for each of the five settings. Use the template provided in this folder to identify and document the information you gather during your virtual or physical observations.

You will then synthesise your analysis of the each setting and write five individual reflections of the sites you explored. The learning from this assignment task will form the foundation for developing the case study report and for the development of your e-portfolio.


1. Strong critique demonstrated in in reflections of physical environments in relation to children’s learning and development, and experiences of sites

2. Insightful understanding of the role and impact that the different physical environments have on the whole development and learning of the child. Clear differences identified in site reflections.

I have provided TWO templates used in the reflection of site visit assessment task. They are:

1. Working Site Visit template A – for observational notes that will be used to write the reflection of site visits for the assignment. This template is used for your working notes while exploring sites during your physical / virtual visits. You synthesise and transfer relevant information from this document for the Template B – Reflection of site Visits. Template A is not submitted at all, it is to help you only.

2. Reflection of Site Visits template B – This document is submitted with each of the FIVE reflections included on it. The information for this document is based on the observations and environmental analysis from the Working Site Visit template A above.

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