I am going to attached the feedback that is provided by my professor. The writer needs to follow the dissertation style Checklist and the Qualitative Dissertation Checklist Chapter 4. Please address ALL the elements of the checklists and the feedback by the professor. Additionally, I will also attached my proposal so that the writer can see the flow of writing, research questions, problem statement, purpose. I am also going to attached the Chapter 4 data analysist I collected from the teachers. Fill out the checklist when completed the assignment. I attached all the documents you need to provide high quality work. Chapter 4 Analysis results is from the teachers interviews. Follow the checklist line by line to know what to include in the chapter. Additionally, I attached the approved proposal so you can the problem statement, background, and purpose. Use chapter 3 in the proposal to complete chapter 4. There was no change in the data collection process. It was a bit challenging to recruit participants because the teachers were on vacation, however, I used the district email to connect with them and they responded rapidly. The duration was 20-35 minutes interview. I also attached the data collection analysis table to help you with some information.