*Please use nursing theorist Phil Barker* Provide an introduction (begins with: The purpose of this paper is to_____, and then outlines the main points of the paper) and conclusion Describes the nursing theorist, major concepts, definitions, assumptions and propositions found in the theory. Incorporates how the theory fits the project purpose. Uses a primary source (theorist’s own writing). Primary: original, first-hand; the author of the source generated the research data they are using. Secondary Research: This is when an author of the source you are using gathers existing data, usually produced by someone else, and they then report, analyze, or interpret that other person’s data All metaparadigm concepts (person, health, environment and nursing) are defined according to the theorist and student develops their own definition (operational) for concepts Use subheadings APA format should be used including a title page, and references. A running head is not needed

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