Please only do the following parts of the dissertation: RESULT, DISCUSSION AND CLINICAL RECOMMENDATIONS (the clinical r. 1550words and the rest is the result and discussion)!!

Qualitative study, 10 participants were interviewed(semi-structured online video calls) about their experience on ASMR (you can find on youtube) videos. All of the participants have insomnia/self-reported sleeping problems. 5 of them found it helpful and 5 found not helpful the videos on their insomnia. I used thematic analyses (TA) to analyze the transcripts. Please see below in the attachments the 2 themes and the subthemes underneath. Only 2 pple experienced tingling sensations.

4 research questions:

What are the experiences of watching ASMR videos on sleeping difficulties?

– What are the experiences, ASMR videos helping people easier to fall asleep and relax their mind?

– What are the experiences on comparing to other things that helped them to fall asleep?

– What are the experiences on the sensation tingling feeling during ASMR videos?

I only want you to do the RESULT and DISCUSSION( Here, the results presented in the results section are briefly summarised in relation to the aims/hypotheses/research questions outlined in the Introduction. The results should be considered in relation to previous work and their clinical and/or theoretical implications. Were your predictions met? How do your findings fit with the existing literature? Why are your findings novel and important? It is important not to speculate too far beyond the findings of the study in this section. A section of ‘Strengths and weaknesses’ of the study should be included, with suggestions for future research made. Some qualitative designs may combine Results and Discussion sections and this is acceptable. This section will end with a subheading of ‘Conclusions’ that provides a summary of your findings and implications. The discussion follows the inverse funnel pattern from your introduction – in this section you move from the specific (the findings of your study) to the general (see the figure below). Qualitative studies will also include a section on reflexivity, )section plus the Clinical Recommendations (minimum1500words)(The Clinical Recommendations Paper of the project starts with a brief recap of the key findings of the Journal Report Paper and will then focus on the potential clinical implications of the project, how this could inform and improve practice (and patient health & wellbeing outcomes) and theory in your field, and other pathways to impact, where appropriate (e.g. suggestions to inform policy).

For example:

• You could make informed suggestions to improve therapeutic practice e.g. suggesting additions to core training, suggestions surrounding which screening tools would be most appropriate for a service to adopt, methods to improve communication, rapport building and adherence )

Please read the attached 2 documents! Thanks!

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