Doctoral Thesis Project set out in this Research Plan involves the analysis of the profitability of the value chain of virgin olive oil, meaning they virgin and extra virgin. It is intended, therefore, determine the actual cost of developing a kilogram of virgin olive oil and extra virgin, from the farmer (or olive grower) to the final consumer. The most important aspect of this project is the level of information to be obtained. In this regard, we must stress, which is ambitious in terms of scope (whole sector), but both necessary and indispensable to obtain real data to help it to position itself in the market knowing their actual costs and imposing profitable prices for competitive improvement The objective proposed in this study is very specific, to the effect, the intention is to know empirically the actual cost of one kilogram of virgin olive oil and extra virgin in Turkey oil (for the phases of the agricultural sector and the production and packaging) to reach the final consumer in Qatar (distribution and marketing activities). Ie the actual cost from the farmer to the retailer or large area through the mill, the packaging, electronics store or dealer with a transnational approach. Understanding the actual cost of production cost plus profit margin or business of each of the actors and activities of the value chain, reaching the final price, which the consumer acquires.

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