I’ve added 193 for sources as that is the number I am currently at, you can alter it as you please.

The full dissertation is currently at 22232 words including the bibliography. Since it has a 20,000 word count I need the word count to be brought closer to that without impacting the structure or argument, especially as the overall introduction and conclusion have yet to be done.

I’ll be adding 4 document labelled political cartoons 1-4 from the Cork Public Museum Russell R Power Collection, most of the cartoons are from this collection and I’d like to have them updated and their old sources deleted. If you alter or remove a referenced line also remove the source in the bibliography. Also please update the table of contents to include section 1 as well as the primary and secondary references.

There was a mistake in Section 1 where I accidentally wrote 18th instead of 19th century in the topic title for another writer, as such for a while he wrote about 18th history until I noticed the error. Please check all information is relevant to the late 19th century. Also English wasn’t his first language so please check his grammar. I’ve fairly happy with section two but will welcome any critiques and changes. Message me whenever if you have questions,