Students will perform a first-hand investigation and produce a scientific report.

Choose one of the scenarios from the supplied list or design an experiment of

your choice. Please ensure that the experiment you choose has value. This

means it should be relatively novel and not simply a repeat of an existing

experiment, unless you aim to replicate or confirm previous findings, and that

there is a reason for conducting the experiment (that the findings provide some


Students will be assessed on their ability to:

• identify the purpose of the investigation and design an appropriate testable

question or hypothesis

• Include a literature review/background section that covers what we already

know about the topic (e.g. scientific principles) and justify why it is

important to conduct this research, with reference to other similar

investigations being conducted

• describe a logical procedure for undertaking a controlled experiment

• design and perform a fair test (show understanding of independent,

dependent and controlled variables and perform appropriate sampling or

repetition for validity)

• select appropriate equipment and assess risks with a formal risk assessment

• present observations and measurements to show trends and relationships,

utilising appropriate data analyses and measurement approaches

• discuss the results using cause and effect relationships and explain how the

procedure and results were or could have been improved

• state a valid conclusion, identifying data which supports or rejects the

question or hypothesis

• demonstrate that you conducted the experiment yourself: Students are

required to demonstrate that the experiment was carried out between the

beginning of semester and the due date. Evidence of conducting the

experiment may include taking photographs (with time/date stamps or in

front of newspapers or holding a print out of this assessment task), records

(e.g., in Google Docs which records timing of entries) or links to video.

Students are responsible for determining whether their evidence is

sufficient through contact with the tutor/subject coordinator. Experiments

conducted for other subjects/purposes or at other times will not be


• Progressive Task 1 worksheet needs to be included as an appendix