Archie is a surgeon who runs an independent practice. He is a careless and unskilled surgeon, and fails to satisfy expectations of a medical practitioner. He performed a knee replacement on the professional dancer Brad which if performed skillfully would have returned Brad to full mobility and health; instead Brad is permanently left incapable of dancing, and with lingering, permanent knee pain. Brad expected to dance for another 20 years before retirement; instead, he takes a job as an actuary that pays twice as much but which he detests. Brad also saves significant money from no longer having to travel to different dance venues. However, he required significant renovations to his home for full access due to reduced mobility following the surgery. It is established that the severity of Brad’s injury was due to his reckless decision to go on a down-hill skiing trip (against competent professional advice from another doctor) the week after the botched surgery. Had he acted in line with the competent advice and not gone on the skiing trip, he would have suffered as much pain, but his mobility would have not been reduced.

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