The individual assignment is designed to encourage students to critically reflect on digital transformation strategy in a practical context through experiences in an organisation with which they are familiar.

Assessment Brief:

Either by selecting an organization with which you are familiar, or ONE (1) company from the list below, critically appraise their digital transformation by:

1. Evaluating how the organization has used digital technology to respond to chang es in its industry environment over time, and discuss the potential ethical, social or behavioural implications of its decisions, and

2. Identifying and discussing what you consider to be the top 3 future digital challenges/opportunities for the company.

We are looking for the following discussions in this submission:

• Some description of the technologies the company have adopted

• How these have been related to changes in the company (market forces, consumer behaviours etc.)

• The ethical, social, or behavioural issues that may result from their decisions

• Reflect on how technologies changing the business in the future (think out of the box here for the better marks)

• Evaluate your suggestions to identify potential issues (as per the first part of the question). • All of this supported by relevant literature and good number of references.

All published information relative to the firm that you have used in the preparation of your assignment should be referenced appropriately.

It is expected that you will use the Internet facilities to obtain:

 Information from the organisation web site which support arguments put forward in your assignment;

 Company documentation; and

 Academic literature from electronic databases to provide research evidence to support

your arguments.

Your written assignment should be no more than 3000 words, and include at least 10 references to the literature in the area. Please use Arial 12-point font, single-spaced and single sided,A4andjustified. Anyreferencescitedmustbeincludedinareferencelistattheendof your assignment; the quality of the references will be taken into consideration.

Submission Guidelines:

The assignment should be created in a report style format

 Word count will exclude contents page, tables, diagrams, bibliography and


 Place only your B00 number on your assignment, not your name. Assessments with

the student name will not be accepted.

 Insert word count clearly on the cover page

 All pages must be numbered

 Separate the Reference and Bibliography sections.

 Reference section consists of materials that were cited throughout the assignment

 Bibliography consists of background readi ng materials that are not cited in the


 Harvard Referencing (in-text and full list citations) must be used throughout the

Present a reflective statement highlighting your learning experiences from the module

Referencing, spelling and grammar

Referencing (both in-text and reference list) compliant with Harvardapproach. Correct


spelling and grammar use throughout.