Choose an organization you have worked for or volunteered at, or one that sells a favorite product of yours.

Search your chosen organization’s website or the Internet (or both) for career postings.

Identify a position that needs to be filled.

Address the following in your assessment:

Provide a brief description of the organization you have chosen.

Identify the position that needs to be filled and summarize the job requirements.

Based on your research, compare the types of tests available for screening employees for this position.

How are they different?

What are their various applications?

Choose the test (such as one of those listed above) that is the most appropriate for your organization. Address the following:

Why is the test you chose more appropriate than other types of tests?

How will your chosen organization use the results? Be specific.

What are the drawbacks to this test? Are there concerns with reliability, validity, the population it is designed for, or other factors? You may use information from the Database Guide: Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) to provide evidence.

How much will you rely on this test for hiring? Give examples.

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