Critically discuss the four strategic choices that are available to multinationals in order to respond to institutional voids in emerging markets. Support your answer with examples. I will be uploading all the information you need to complete this assignment. First, I will upload lecture notes in regards of this question where I will explain the four different strategies that you need to critically discuss and support with examples as well as upload few reliable articles you can use to support your answer. Please use only academic reliable sources and use Harvard referencing style.

Please provide a small introduction to explain the different institutional voids EMNE’s encounter in emergent markets. Then explain the four strategic choices they can use to deal with these institutional gaps and for every strategic choice, provide an example of an EMNE (in BRIC countries) that used that strategy. Very important note : there are few companies that can’t be used as an example and will provide you with the names in order to not use them. It has to be a critical discussion and not only descriptive. Thank you.

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