Hello! There’s a screenshot attached that describes what the task is and then a document involving guidelines that further goes into it in detail! Of the five articles/book chapters listed, I’ve added all documents but the first one, so you’re able to choose either of the remaining four. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to use all four, you just have to focus on one article/chapter. I’ve also added the rubric and a past sample review that did well but was graded under a slightly different rubric, I think. There’s also a referencing guide, in case you need it! The final document I added (I hope these are in order) is a self evaluation document that needs to be filled out and then added in the final document. I’m assuming it goes at the end but before the reference list? Nothing was specified for me besides the need to add it into the one document. Thank you so much for your help, I’m sorry if this is a lot. I hope you stay safe during these times!!