Tort Law Essay Preferred minimum grade 2:1 (Around 68/65) and timing is crucial for this submission – 1000 words incl. footnotes; Oscola; use of case law, legislation, and articles/books (list as attached). No bibliography is needed.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!”Classification: 2(1) Argument and Identification of Relevant Issues The submission identifies the relevant legal issues and answers the question with a very good level of clarity and logic; very good analysis.Knowledge and understanding Demonstrates very good knowledge and understanding of the relevant principles; uses this knowledge logically and thoroughly; some of the subtleties may have been missed when considering the more complex issues. Structure Very good throughout with a very good introduction and conclusion; discussion is organised, balanced and logical.Research Demonstrates very good research skills by use of most of the recommended reading; reference to primary and secondary sources as appropriate and relevant to the assessment of the issues.Writing and Referencing Demonstrates very good communication skills in both writing style and presentation; employs a clear, logical and on occasion persuasive style; “

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